बुधवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2017

नाम उसका राम होगा

English Translation

What is on other side of the sky?
What is on other side of inferno?
What is beyond horizon?
What is base on which the world is supported?

By lightening the lamps of star
Who daily makes Diwali?
Rotating Sun and Moon
Whom do they worship?

On whose feet does the Ocean
want to pour water and gain Nirvana?
Whose feet do the clouds
want to wash continuously?

Opening its dark eyes,
Early morning peaks from East
Donning Vermillion on its head,
Who does morning wait for?

In the sky, in the evening
Whose glory is sung?
In the singing of birds,
Whose sweet voice is reflected?

The Wind is fanning [whom],
Cuckoo is singing [for whom],
Who is to continuously
The World is moving towards?

If he were to materialize
That would be pride of Avadh
He shall reside in our hearts
and He shall be called Ram

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